We are delighted to be able to present to you the toolkit for supported selfemployment.

We want to offer you a guideline in how to support people to start their own business or be able to keep their business, and this through the method of supported employment. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences between both forms of support. The S²E coach, for example, will have to immerse himself sufficiently in the entrepreneurial world in order to be able to offer the right individualised support at the right time in close cooperation with the existing mainstream services.

We are convinced that many more people can start or continue to work as self-employed entrepreneur as long as we ensure a qualitative and broad support network that takes into account their specific needs and situation.

With this manual we want to inspire en engage you to fully use the potential of each person, also in the direction of self-employment.

EUSE Supported Self Employment Toolkit (in pdf format):


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